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Newtown North Public School

Parents and Citizens' Association


The Newtown North Public School Parents and Citizens' Association (NNPS P&C) is our school's parent body. Technically, it is an incorporated association affiliated with the Federation of Parents and Citizens' Associations. Practically speaking, it is the voice of the parent body in our school.


The objectives of any P&C association are to:

  • promote the interests of the school by bringing parents, citizens, pupils and teaching staff into close co-operation;
  • assist in providing equipment required by the school;
  • report to the Minister the material requirements of the school; and
  • assist the teaching staff in the establishment of school policy and management in all facets of school activity.


The NNPS P&C meets on a regular basis throughout the year to discuss issues affecting our children at school. We organise activities to raise money for the school and decide, in consultation with the school, how to spend that money. We also aim to encourage a sense of community and so some events are organised with the main aim of getting the community together to have some fun. Our aim in all we do is to work with the Principal and teachers to enhance the learning experiences of our children at school.


The regular activities of the P&C include:

  • providing parent input to various school matters
  • fundraising events (several major fund raising events are held throughout the year)
  • building community
  • second-hand uniform shop
  • special projects (e.g. grounds upgrades, working bees, etc.), and
  • regular meetings (discuss issues, decide on spending, etc.).